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451 The 1920 Census finds Peter, 31y.o., living on East Lake Rd. in Richmond, Ontario, New York along with wife Anna M., 23 y.o., daughter Matilda, 4 y.o. and his sister in law Mildred B. (could not make out last name).

In the 1930 Census I could not find Peter, but found Anna M. and Matilda B. living at #32 Porter St., Seneca Falls, Seneca, New York. They were working as housekeepers and living in their employers home. According to the Census Anna was still married (not widowed) with no mention of Peter or his whereabouts. This was during the depression so I can only surmise he was seeking work in other places and not enumerated in any Census that year 
Wagner, Peter (I505)
452 The alias surname Luscsak appears on a number of birth documents, including his father name as listed on baptismal records.
It also appears on his brother Mihaly's childrens birth documents. 
Majircsin, Andras (I646)
453 The San Diego Union
Monday, December 7, 1959
Page B-1, Column 1

Woman Found Dead At Home

A 35-year old woman was found dead Saturday on the couch of her apartment at 2329 Adams Ave. according to Deputy Coroner Jesse C. Canale.
Canale said the woman, Mrs. Aletha Evelyn Majercin, was found at 10:50 a.m. by her landlord, Ralph Brandson of 242 22nd St. Canale said Branson told him that Mrs. Majercin had been feeling despondent and that he went over to her apartment to se how she was feeling.
Canale said the woman had been dead for about 30-35 hours. 
Altman, Aletha Evelyn (I37)
454 Then: Posfalu, Hungary
Year: As listed in 1869 Hungarian Census. 
Majircsin, Janos (I633)
455 These two notes were posted by Dionne and Barry during their lifelong search for Graham.

Missing: Graham John Majercin (or Peters)
Name: Dionne Majercin (2004-03-25 10:20:04)
Message: I am looking for my uncle birth name Graham John Majercin (or Peters) he was born May 1945 and was given to Barnardos for adoption in approx 1947. His family have been searching for many years. Please email if you have any further information. Thank you

Missing: Graham Majercin
Name: Barry Majercin (2004-04-05 16:21:20)
Message: Graham, I lost you many years ago when our mother decided to give you away, to whom I don't know. I was only about 3 years old at the time and you are 18 months younger than me. She will not tell me where she took you or why. I was in Watford, Hertfordshire England at the time of your disappearance. I am now 60 years old which should make you around 57-58 years old. I now live in the U.S.A. with dual citizenship since our father was an American. I think that our mother had on your birth certificate a last name of Peters or Knight (mother's maiden name). Our mother's name is Patricia Tapley (married name). You were born in Royston, Hertfordshire, England. I have tried for years to find you, but to no avail, have not been successful. Please contact me in the U.S.A. at 303-797-7599 or write to my friend Hoppy at I look forward to meeting you, once again. God bless! 
Majercin, Graham Thomas (I38)
456 Till Renegar: "I came into the family late in (thier) life - as my mom left my dad when I was 2 years old. She then sent me on to live with my grandmother, Aunt Mary and Aunt Agnes who was later to become a nun.
There I remained until I was 13, then my mom brought me back to Seneca Falls where i still live." 
Kekut, Amelia Anna (I506)
457 Till Renegar: "They say my grandpa had a small grocery store on the beach and also aowned a lot of property so there for he could be with his children. Wagner, Peter (I453)
458 Tim Clemente stated he has seen an obituary which shows that Joseph H. Clemente was born in Brooklyn, and that his father was from Mexico. Clement, Joseph Hyacinth (I455)
459 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Clemente, T.M. (I388)
460 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Haag, O.R. (I1809)
461 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F307
462 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Hallett, M.G. (I879)
463 Transcription from Kr?cunovce Church Documents (Births 1860-1895):
Birthdate: July 3, 1889
Baptism: July 7, 1889
Birth name: Anna
Sex: Female Status: Legitimate
Parents (religion): Majercsin, Mihaly Vuscsak (rc)
Peticski, Anna (rc)
Location: Karacsonmezo #46
Godparents: Gyorgy Marczin & Anna Tamonis 
Majercsin, Anna (I645)
464 Transcription from Kr?cunovce Church Documents (Births 1860-1895):
Birthdate: November 21, 1887
Baptism: November 23, 1887
Birth name: Andras
Sex: Male Status: Legitimate
Parents (religion): Majercsin, Mihaly (rc)
Peticski, Anna (rc)
Location: Krmero
Godparents: Gyorgy Marczin & Anna Tamonis 
Majercsin, Andras (I22)
465 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Katchmar, T.A. (I151)
466 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Starace, P.A. (I468)
467 U.S., Department of Veterans Affairs BIRLS Death File, 1850-2010

Name: Patrick Brothers
Gender: Male
Birth Date: 4 Jun 1967
Death Date: 12 Aug 2007
Branch 1: ARMY
Enlistment Date 1: 22 Sep 1987
Release Date 1: 14 Jan 1988
Branch 2: ARMY
Enlistment Date 2: 25 Aug 1988
Release Date 2: 24 Aug 1992 
Brothers, Patrick Gene (I878)
468 Unkown Majercin. No connections at this time. Majercin, John Davis (I639)
469 Updated birth location via 1940 military registration card. Ornellas, Willie P. (I1292)
470 URL: Anges Pouk headstone information at Majercin, Agnes M. (I661)
471 US Passport, 1926:
Name: William WIlson Clemente
DOB: November 22, 1898
Height: 5' 11" Hair: Bwn Eyes: Blue
Occupation: Transportation 
Clemente, William Wilson (I451)
472 Varena is the modern name for Orany. Orany is the name that appears in many of Sylvesters documents. It was the Polish name for the town. Arasimowicz, Sylvester (I416)
473 WAGNER, Catharine Eleonore Birth
Gender: Female
Birth Date: 5 Aug 1861
Christening Date: 6 Aug 1861 Recorded in: Kaiserslautern, Pfalz, Bayern
Collection: Standesamt; Zivil
Father: Ferdinand WAGNER
Mother: Catharine CORESSEL
Source: FHL Film 329487 Dates: 1861 - 1864 
Wagner, Catherine Eleanora (I1061)
474 Website for burial: 
Gehm, Robert (I1185)
475 Website with mention of Steven T. Majercin:

380th Bomb Group Association Website
A WWII Wartime Roster of the 380th Bomb Group (H)
Name: Majercin, Steve T.
Squadron: 531 ASN: 36047243
Duty: Ground Staff, Armament, Armorer 
Majercin, Stephen Tullis (I110)
476 When she entered school in Hawaii, her name was changed to Mary. Last name was pronounced "MAR-TEEN". The pronounciation became anglicized to "MAR-TIN". Martin, Maria (I197)
477 Wilno is Polish name for Vilna, Russia and Vilnius, Lithuania. Melen Arasimowicz says that the grandparents always said they were from Lithuania, but said they were "Polish". Zionkowska, Anna (I417)
478 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Pacheco, R.M. (I202)
479 WW1 Registration Card lists his birth date as: Dec 24, 1877 Salata, Andrew (I782)
480 Yambra is the accepted spelling of Maria's last name.
Tambra is listed on her marriage certificate. 
Tambra, Maria (I647)
481 Year assumed based on FB photos taken during her teen years. Date from her FB page. Horton, Maureen Marian (I207)
482 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Birch, V. (I2034)
483 Zajaczkowska: Alternative Spelling of last name. Zionkowska, Anna (I417)
484 Zip 96720 Bohol, Engracio (I1291)

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