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51 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Clemente, W.A. (I383)
52 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F430
53 Infant Urbance - Urbance, Infant (I826)
54 A genealogy of Beatrice Vivian's ancestors is found here: Dowdy-Heppe Families at  Vivian, Beatrice E. (I113)
55 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Pacheco, C. (I287)
56 According to Ancestry Family Trees, they had at least one child. Family F560
57 According to Ancestry Family trees:
Wife 1: 1 child
Wife 2: 2 children 
Pacheco, Richard Anthony (I294)
58 According to Claudia Adams, he died at a young age. Ana, Daniel (I746)
59 According to Cousin John, Ted went blind because he looked directly into the sun. Arasimowicz, Theodore L. (I420)
60 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Majercin, K.D. (I736)
61 According to her obituary, Mary Ann never had children. Gaydos, Mary Ann (I697)
62 According to LDS Church records, Maria's (Guillerma, Bernardo ???)parents were Ramon Caraballo and Isabella feliciano. Caraballo, Ramon (I326)
63 According to Mary Pacheco, she was the first of the Pacheco children to be born in Hawai'i.
The 1910 US Census states that she was born in 1899-1900 and was born in Puerto Rico, not Hawai'i. 
Pacheco, Benancia (I244)
64 According to Stephanie Greenwood, Mr. Perez was killed by Francisco Pacheco during a fight. A knife was used during the fight, and the police determined it was self-defense. Perez, Unknown (I265)
65 According to the 1900 US Census, Her mother, Susan is listed as having two children, and neither are living. Majercsin, Anna (I1239)
66 According to the 1900 US Census, Susie had two children previously. The both died. Palkur Kolbasza, Zsuzsanna (I652)
67 According to the 1930 Census, Emma Majercin's mother is listed as being born in Illinois. Csizsmarik, Anna (I618)
68 Additional genealogical information about Andrew Salata and his family can be found on this website: Rootweb WorldConnect Project: Guyon Family Tree: Andrew Salata.  Salata, Andrew (I782)
69 Additional info from Ancestry trees.
Birthdate: 15 May 1929
Death: 16 May 2011 (American Canyon, Napa, CA)
PER SSN Death Index: Middle name is Philip.
Pacheco, James Philip (I295)
70 Additional McCumsey genealogy can be found here: McCumsey Family Tree at  McCumsey, Thurlow Arlington (I695)
71 Adoptive Name: Graham John Tatum.

I will use his first indicated name officially. After his birth, he was adopted, but did begin as Graham Majercin. 
Majercin, Graham Thomas (I38)
72 AKA Janos Majercsin
AKA John Majercin 
Majircsin, Joannes (I651)
73 AKA Kaczmarek
AKA Kacsmarik 
Csizsmarik, Anna (I618)
74 Alfred Pacheco was still single at age 26 (1930 US Census) Family F75
75 Allen genealogy website lists his birth years as 1900, which would be 15 years later than his wife.
1920 US census list his birth year as 1884 
Thomas, Walter (I541)
76 Allen Genealogy website states his death was Feb. 1968.
The 1940 US Census states that his wife was a widow. 
Thomas, Walter (I541)
77 American name: Frank Paquette Paquet, Francois (I1880)
78 Americanized: Wargo Varga, John (I152)
79 An interesting note about Andrew is the number of different last names that he appears under in the various Census'. Here is a list of the various surnames he's listed under:

Year Source Name
1861 Birth Record Majircsin
1869 Hungary Census Majircsin
1900 US Census Myarchin
1910 US Census Myerchik
1920 US Census Majercin
1930 US Census Majerchin 
Majircsin, Andras (I646)
80 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Majercin, C.J. (I42)
81 Andrew has two sons and one daughter. Majercin, Andrew T. (I106)
82 Andrew signed the application form for Michael Majercin's and Emma Kacmar's wedding application in 1913.
Andrew's birthdate is listed as 1887 by Susan Shirley's information. 
Majercsin, Andras (I22)
83 Andrew was born about 6 weeks premature. When Vanessa went into labor, she was transfered from Kaiser Hospital, to University Hospital in San Diego.
At birth, doctors that his lungs and heart were under-developed. There were holes in his lungs and heart. They performed surgery on his heart, when he died at two days. He is buried near his grandfather, Larry Majercin and his great grand faher, Michael Pacheco at El Camino Memorial Park in San Diego, CA. 
Keller, Andrew Richard (I26)
84 Andrew's first wife (Anna Soltis) died in 1938. The 1951 Streator, Illinois lists his new wife as Catherine M. Unknown, Catherine M (I1553)
85 Andrew's hobby was raising carrier pigeons.
Stephen Majercin Jr., remembers Andrew visiting his home as a child. Andrew brought some of his pigeons, and released them.
They flew over 800 miles from Pine Bluff, Arkansas, back to Andrew's home in Streator. 
Majercin, Andrew T. (I106)
86 Angelina (Majercin) Kennedy: I have also seen in papers today, in my grandfathers handwriting, that John was born in Kukovl, Czechoslovakia. Majercin, John Joseph (I627)
87 Anna is listed with her husband, living with her parents in their house. Under husbands name it states: covivre, which could be Latin for "co-living" or "living with". Majircsin, Anna (I1866)
88 Anna never camed to the United States. According to a letter from Bernice Majercin-Zobay, she staed in Europe to care for a crippled son (Janos ?). Andrew Majercin in Streator, corresponded with her through letters. Peticzky, Anna (I21)
89 Anna Tomanek
Anna A. Tomanek, nee Hanczar, 83, of Lombard, died Tuesday, Dec. 30,2008 at DuPage Convalescent Center in Wheaton.
Funeral services were held Monday, Jan. 5, with prayers from Brust Funeral Home, 135 S. Main St., Lombard, to Mass at St. Pius X Church in Lombard. Interment was at Assumption Cemetery in Winfield.
Mrs. Tomanek is survived by her children, Joseph (Bonnie) and Patricia (Kenneth) Majerchin; one granddaughter; sisters, Genevieve (Alvin) Geever, Catherine (Henry) Toloczko and Shirley Fitzsimmons; sister-in-law, Virginia Tomanek; brother-in-law, Arthur Hochstadter; and many nieces and nephews. She was preceded in death by her husband of 42 years, Joseph Jr.; and siblings, Delores Hanczar, Sophie Cadek, Mary Milewski, Helen Walker, Rose Hochstadter, Frank and Florian.
Mrs. Tomanek was a resident of Lombard for 52 years. She was a homemaker, active gardener and member of St. Pius X Church, and enjoyed most being a mother and grandmother. 
Source (S346)
90 Anna's name appears on the Marriage license information for her son, Michael Kacmar. Rajki, Anna (I1653)
91 Announcements: In Memoriam

James Robert Majercin Buckey 1939 1959 January 17, 1959 Remembering our car accident, I will never forget. You are with me everyday of my life. My best friend, my Uncle. Your shadow, Mickey

Source: The Times - Ottawa, IL
Date: January 17, 2009  
Majercin, James Robert (I655)
92 page: Allen, Edward James (I544)
93 Arrival from Manila to Honolulu:
20 March 1931 
Source (S448)
94 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Martinez, K.G. (I1219)
95 Babs describes Hap in 1997:

"In Hap's retirement he glues everything: shingles on the roof (individually), bricks on steps, two chimneys at Meem's house, then spray painted them green. The roof is tin & chinese red.

He glued Elizabeth's nose together when she jumped on the bed!

He owns his own plane, motorcycle and boats. He is an excellent craftsman: cement work, wood work."

He is very religious. 
Tucker, Eugene Standish (I473)
96 Babs describes her sister, Bernice, in 1997: "Queenie Bee" Talented artist, excellent homemaker. Good mother, frugal, world traveler in these later years. Follows in "Meems" footsteps in kitchen. Would rather be dead than have white hair like all the old ladies in Florida.
Loves jewelry. Bernice & Giovi built a new home in Lutz, Florida with Pat's familiy ensconsed.
Pack Rat, pickle maker, gave ceramic lessons. Had a kiln in her basement. Made lots of $. Busy nursery driver (?) 
Clemente, Bernice B. (I464)
97 Babs describes herself in 1997: Built their home 50 years ago on Denton Ave. Plan to sell and sponge on relatives for the next six months.
" Junk & antique collector. Pack Rat like all the Clementes. Throws out nothing.
"Another Martha Stewart. I can do anything Martha can do... only better!.
Loves babies, sun and puppies. Not cats. Afraid of horses and hates snakes. A firm believer in lots of manure on all crops. 
Clemente, Barbara Edith (I465)
98 Babs writing about Barbara: "Bab's as a child had on a Scottish tam, that my father had brought from Scotland. On the train, she was asked if she ever so a Scotsman before. She said, "No, but I saw a drunk man once". Tucker, Barbara Mary (I474)
99 Bernice Zobay: Andrew was born in 1900 in Czech.

(T. Gould, e-mail, 3/2/1999): I was looking through the Kacmar background and I am the daughter of Raymond (Kacmar) Katchmar. My grandfather Andrew changed our name to Katchmar years ago. My grandfather married Anna Salata and my father Raymond was born October 11, 1917 married Elizabeth Faw in 1947.
My parents Raymond and Elizabeth are deceased. My mother died in 1982 and my father died in 1994. They are greatly missed.
Alvin, Lucille and Andrew Katchmar are still alive. Alvin and Lucille Shawback live in Streator. Andrew is in a nursing home in Michigan. 
Katchmar, Andrew John (I127)
100 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Burgess, B. (I382)

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