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John J. Arasimowicz

Male 1913 - 1989  (76 years)


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Arasimowicz, John J. - News article

An article from the Fishers Island Gazette recounting the first Fishers Island School class of 1929.

Source:  Waves Fishers Island Free School Newspaper
Date:  March 1985
Title:  Class of 1929

John Arasimowicz who is better known as John Chestnut, was a member of the first graduation class from the Fishers Island Union Free School.
Graduating in 1929, John had attended Fishers Island School since first grade.  In elementary school his calss was in one room with one teacher that taught English, history, math, science, and a language.
The language was either French or Latin.  In 1924 John's entire class skipped 8th grade and went right into 9th grade.  "In biology things were not as advanced as today."  The kids did not use kits like they do today. "Instead they used the island."  To get a better understanding of living things they would go out and catch lobsters, frogs, fish, worms, salamanders, etc.  In high school, classes were taught in separate rooms with separate teachers.  The school bought the books for the children.
  An average school day for John included walking to school on paths that the children made through the woods, starting classes at 8 a.m. and getting out at 12pm for lunch.  Classes started again at 1 and school was dismissed at 4.  While doing s homework, he would sometimes study by kerosene lamp.
  One of the first dances ever held in the school was by the senior class.  John's class had the dance for a fund raiser so they could go see Macbeth in New York.
  When asked how it felt to be in the first graduating class, his answer was, "The auditorium was jammed."

Owner/SourceL. Majercin / Fishers Island Gazette
Date11 Mar 2012 / 01 Mar 1989
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