genealogy of the majercin and clemente families
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Report: Born after 1910-Living- Living flag not set

         Description: This will show a list of people who are or should be alive, and do not have the "living" flag assigned to their name.


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# Full Name
1 Jose Caravalho 
2 Mary Caravalho 
3 Edwin J. Clemente 
4 Richard Eugene 
5 Michaele Grace HallettMichaele Grace Hallett 
6 Emma Mateo 
7 Dayton Lee Pacheco 
8 Charles Perez 
9 Francisco Perez 
10 Ramona Perez 
11 Salvador Perez 
12 Salvador Perez 
13 Helen Pribble 
14 Jaden MyKel Simmons 
15 Kathleen Thomas 
16 Hattie Unknown